Agricultural film daily management should be done several points

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Agricultural film is an important part of the greenhouse, and the price of agricultural film is relatively expensive, so will choose to manage agricultural film, then the daily management of agricultural film to do a few points?

A protection against external damage.

This is an important factor affecting the service life of the film. For example, when the agricultural film is installed without tightening, when the wind comes, the agricultural film will bulge and continue to beat the skeleton quickly, causing damage to the agricultural film; The aging bamboo rod is easy to break the shed film after breaking. Therefore, in daily management, we must pay attention to these details.

Avoid excessive temperature.

In high temperature weather, the agricultural film is easy to age and break, especially the part of the agricultural film in contact with the skeleton, easy to form a hot spot, the temperature can reach 80 ° C, this part of the agricultural film is particularly easy to age and damage. Vegetable farmers can use white plastic tape tied to the skeleton and film contact place, to avoid the agricultural film by high temperature damage.

Three to prevent pesticide corrosion.

Pesticides will affect the life of agricultural film, especially pesticides and agents containing sulfur or chlorine components will destroy the stability of agricultural film. Growers must be careful not to spray the back of the vegetable leaves onto the film when spraying. In addition, the use of films with different components before and after will affect each other.

The PVC film used on the greenhouse last season, if you want to change to EVA film next season, pay attention to the PVC film on the left and right sides of the wall to remove, so as not to accelerate the aging of the two films after contact. It should be especially reminded that some vegetable farmers commonly use bicycle tires wrapped with bamboo poles, but they do not know that this item is also made of polychlorine raw materials, which is harmful to the shed film, and the used should be replaced immediately.