Agricultural mulch has several advantages

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With the continuous development of agricultural science and technology, a lot of agricultural mulch has appeared. What are the advantages of agricultural mulch?

1,moisture conservation and moisture raising, enhance the drought and flood resistance of crops.

Because the film is impervious to fire, the color temperature rises during the day, the water evaporates to the film, the evening temperature is low, and the water vapor condenses into small drops attached to the film surface, keeping the topsoil moist, and playing a role in preserving moisture.

2. Increasing temperature and regulating temperature contributed to the reproductive process of crops.

Mulching film improves the premise of soil ecological environment, increases and preserves the radiation heat energy of the sun to the soil, mobilizes the soil temperature, blocks the passage of volatilization heat, restrains the rise of ground temperature, and plays a role in temperature regulation. Shorten the reproductive process, so that flowers grow early, high yield, permanent production.

3. Improve the stinginess between dry fields and mobilize the photosynthetic yield of crops.

Because of the light reflection ability of agricultural film, the light intensity of crop rows increases, coupled with high gas temperature and strong light, outstanding mobilization of photosynthetic efficiency.

4. Promote the activation of soil and mobilize the content of quick available nutrients.

Because the temperature in the film is higher than that, the fire permeability is good, which contributes to the activation of aerobic micro-green life and the activity of various enzymes, accelerates the disintegration and softening of soil nutrients, the growth of fast-available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients, especially the growth of fast-available nitrogen ratio.

5. maintain the soil loose noise, promote root development and effective needle into the soil.

The film coated flowers before the middle of the soil layer to keep wet, in the late anti-flushing, waterlogging, so that the soil moisture movement logic is more stable. It enhanced the fire permeability, promoted the root to ascend and the root nodule to increase, which was beneficial to the insertion of fruit needles and pod development.