Several kinds of common agricultural mulch and their introduction

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There are many kinds of agricultural film, often used plastic film is also these several, then what kinds of common agricultural plastic film and its introduction?

1, colorless and transparent:

usually known as the first through film, the thickness of 0.015 room meters, the width of 80-300 centimeters, its light transmission and heat rate of 90%, there is a certain reflective effect. In addition, it can also increase the activity of soil microorganisms, and play a certain role in improving soil and increasing the content of organic matter in soil.

2 Black agricultural film:

low light transmittability, can effectively prevent the soil moisture base and inhibit the growth of weeds, but the temperature is slower than the transparent film, the ground cover can significantly inhibit the impurities and maintain the degree of quality, weeds serious soil fast or high temperature season cultivation summer radish, cabbage, autumn cucumber, late tomato, the choice of black agricultural film effect is the best.

3, friends of the film:

light transmittance of about 60%, anti-outside, the ground covered with the peak of the United States, can be added to the light fruit coloring, can suck vegetables lift good for white powder. Damage, water and soil conservation and weeding and other functions. Suitable for summer and autumn vegetables, melons, tobacco disease control and heat resistance cultivation.

4. Blue agricultural film:

the light transmittance is higher than that of white agricultural film under low light conditions, and the light transmittance is lower than that of white agricultural film under the light strip, and the heat preservation is good. It is very suitable for tank breeding, and can also be used for vegetables, cotton, peanuts, strawberries, horse ling camp, etc
Crop cover cultivation.

5, green agricultural film:

can make the green light added, so that the growth of weeds under control, better control of weeds, improve the yield, often used to cover beans, eggplant, bell pepper, class, strawberries and other vegetables and other cash crops cultivation.

6, yellow film:

According to the test, covered with yellow film, celery and Mei Ying grow fast and tall, and the selection is late: legumes grow strong, can promote cucumber storage and flowering, increase the yield of 1-1.5 times covered tea tree, tea quality and yield.

7, color agricultural film:

can choose to shoot red light, while blocking other color light that is not conducive to crop, therefore, the need for red light, such as full water rice beet, make crops grow, mainly applicable to water beet non-vegetable, yellow and so on Crop cover.

8, purple film:

the film is mainly suitable for winter and spring greenhouses or plastic greenhouses of fruit and green leafy vegetables cultivation, can improve the quality and yield.