What are the benefits and role of mulch

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Mulch is widely used in grain, cotton, oil vegetables, fruits, cigarettes, sugar, medicine, hemp, tea, forests and other more than 40 kinds of crops, so that crops throughout the increase in yields 30% -50%, value-added 40% -60%, the deep majority of farmers welcome. But the role of the film is exactly how it, the film that the ground cover film, usually transparent or black PE film, there are also green film, used for ground cover, can improve soil temperature, maintain soil moisture, maintain soil structure, prevent pests from infesting the crop and some biological diseases, etc., to promote plant growth, but the film kind of letter to the use of a large number of plastic film, in the crop residue in the soil after harvest, difficult to degrade, causing damage to the soil, but the film is also used to protect the soil. It is difficult to degrade, causing pollution and damage to the soil. As the plasticizer storm spreads, whether the ground film can not be degraded will lead to high plasticizer content in the soil and affect people's health is still being tested.
Mulch cover increased ground temperature, maintain soil moisture increased fertility improved physical properties of the improved light energy utilization, inhibit the growth of weeds, the growth of crops have played a role in promoting the development of a , improved the degree of ground barrier more cover my biggest effect is to improve soil temperature, spring low temperature during the use of mulch cover during the daytime by the sunlight irradiation, the 0-10 cm deep soil layer can increase the temperature of 1-6 ° C within the soil layer. Can increase the temperature within 1-6 ° C, up to 8 ° C or more!