What benefits do biodegradable shopping bags bring to people's lives?

Release time:2023-10-12 Number of views: 109

We all know that shopping bags are an indispensable product in our daily life and industrial production. Most of the shopping bags we normally use are burned, except for a few that can be recycled. However, after incineration of shopping bags can produce a large number of harmful gases, and will also pose immeasurable harm to human health. Therefore, in order to solve the pollution problem caused by ordinary shopping bags, people have developed a relatively new type of shopping bags, that is, biodegradable shopping bags.

First of all, the material of biodegradable shopping bags is processed from degradable plastics, and degradable plastics are divided into photodegradable plastics and biodegradable plastics. Photodegradable plastic is the addition of photosensitizer in the process of plastic, which can accelerate its aging under the ultraviolet irradiation of sunlight to achieve the target decomposition effect; Biodegradable plastics are the molecules of natural materials such as starch grafted onto the macromolecules of a component plastic. Due to the effect of microorganisms in soil and water on the decomposition of starch, the problem of the long molecular chain break of plastics has become relatively easy to be decomposed by microorganisms.

Secondly, biodegradable shopping bags not only have the same safe and reliable characteristics as ordinary shopping bags, but also solve various hazards such as non-decay or pollution caused by the incineration of ordinary shopping bags, which has become the development direction of industry. In addition, biodegradable shopping bags are very environmentally friendly, generally do not produce secondary pollution, and the cost is low.

Finally, this biodegradable shopping bag is completely biodegradable, and biodegradable plastic is a product made from plant straw that is friendly to the human body and the environment. And biodegradable shopping bags will decompose by themselves when discarded, affected by the biological environment, whether it is harmless to the human body or the environment, belongs to green packaging. In short, biodegradable shopping bags are a "biodegradable" disposable shopping bag. People can use it boldly and confidently, therefore, we should promote the use of this biodegradable shopping bag, so that the environment around us will not be destroyed.