How to identify biodegradable garbage bags?

Release time:2023-10-12 Number of views: 129

With the increasing popularity of biodegradable garbage bags, there are more and more biodegradable garbage bags on the market now, even every supplier on the market currently says that their products are biodegradable garbage bags. It can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water within a certain period of time, but is it really true? As our ordinary consumers, how to identify biodegradable garbage bags?

First of all, look at the biodegradable garbage bags product logo, is the production of biodegradable garbage bags manufacturers in the production of the product degradation performance of the logo, but also between the businessman and the consumer when purchasing the basis for identification. Generally degradable plastic products logo is divided into text and graphics.

Secondly, the graphic logo of biodegradable garbage bags is a green smiley face pattern composed of a circle with an arrow, double "J" (the initials of degradation pinyin), and material abbreviations (such as PBAT, PLA, PBS, etc.). The meaning of this is that through the use of degradable plastics, the final goal is to achieve complete degradation under the appropriate conditions without causing pollution to the environment. The arrow circles show that even if the biodegradable plastic has been completely degraded and absorbed by the environment, it can still be recycled. The design of "double jj" also highlights the design concept that everyone should care for the environment.

Finally, is the biodegradable garbage bags have a logo, our ordinary consumers in the purchase of garbage bags, you can quickly distinguish between biodegradable garbage bags and ordinary garbage bags, so that in the purchase of time will also be more assured.

In addition, there is a product quality standard next to the logo of biodegradable garbage bags. The country has introduced relevant production and manufacturing standards for biodegradable products. So, if we are making a purchase of biodegradable garbage bags, we can see if these national standards are printed.