Classification of biodegradable garbage bags

Release time:2023-10-12 Number of views: 129

When it comes to biodegradable garbage bags, some of us now have an understanding of it, and even use it. Maybe we just use biodegradable garbage bags simply, and don't know that biodegradable garbage bags can still be classified. Under normal circumstances, Biodegradable garbage bags can be divided into different physical methods, which are simply the reuse of material recycling and the recycling of chemical methods.

The physical recycling of biodegradable garbage bags is the same as for general plastics such as PET. After waiting for collection, it is necessary to separate impurities, select and crush them before processing, and then melt and granulate. This is sometimes different according to the use of plastic, and its performance requirements will also be different. Therefore, during the recycling process of biodegradable garbage bags, the performance of the plastic (raw material) will be reduced, and it can no longer be used for the same purpose, and can only be degraded.

However, chemical recycling biodegradable garbage bags can be divided into waste plastic gasification, waste oil, waste methanol recovery, waste plastic monomer, waste oligomer recovery. From an economic point of view, the latter has the advantage of being larger. Chemical recycling is also feasible for recycling biodegradable plastics. However, at present, the popularity of biodegradable garbage bags is still very limited, and there are certain limitations if you want to carry out chemical recycling. In addition, in fact, the decomposition and chemical knowledge structure of biodegradable garbage bags are basically common.

In summary, biodegradable garbage bags are mixed according to the physical properties of the garbage bag, so the separation of recycling chemicals through depolymerization is more efficient than thermal decomposition. In addition, with the development of new technologies using supercritical carbon dioxide, water and methanol, the advantages of chemical cycling will also increase.