Do biodegradable garbage bags count as wet or dry garbage? Sorting garbage is no longer a worry.

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Throwing plastic bags into dry garbage cans after use has been accepted by people. However, after the introduction of the strictest "plastic restriction" in history, careful friends may have found that in supermarkets and shopping malls, disposable plastic bags have gradually disappeared, replaced by plastic bags with biodegradable signs. Since it is biodegradable, what kind of garbage is it? Biodegradable plastic bags can be degraded through composting and other means, should they be counted as wet garbage? The following Poynting will bring you to understand.

Theoretically, biodegradable plastic bags should be treated as wet garbage, but in practice, these plastic bags are still treated as dry garbage. This depends on the current domestic municipal waste treatment.

To do the most successful in the classification of waste in Shanghai, for example, food waste or need to "break the bag" to put, and then the plastic bag to "dry garbage" in. This process, the hand will inevitably touch the dirty garbage, for the work of slipping garbage out of the "workers", meet the supervision is not strict when there is bound to escape the "broken bag" step, food waste and plastic bags thrown directly into the garbage cans phenomenon, to the efficiency of garbage classification. This will affect the efficiency of garbage sorting. An important reason is that biodegradable plastic bags and wet waste can not be synchronized degradation, which creates difficulties for industrial composting. While industrial composting of biodegradable plastic bags generally takes more than 60 days, anaerobic fermentation of wet waste takes only 20 to 30 days, and rapid aerobic fermentation even takes only 8 to 10 hours.
If it is a biodegradable garbage bag, there is no need to worry about this situation, in the soil and natural environment can be completely and quickly degraded in accordance with the design requirements, non-toxic, non-polluting, odorless, and will not produce pollution.

At present, long engaged in the research and development of biodegradable materials and industrialization of Tongji University Materials and Engineering Professor Ren Jie is leading a municipal scientific research project, dedicated to solving the wet garbage and biodegradable plastic bags synchronized degradation of technical problems, "If the subject progresses smoothly, if the biodegradable garbage bags are fully implemented, it is expected that by the year after next, the wet garbage bags of Shanghai do not have to break the bag! ".