How are biodegradable materials used

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Degradable materials materials can partially replace plastic raw materials. It degrades and is environmentally friendly. And it's widely used. How are biodegradable materials used?

1, the main use of agriculture and animal husbandry

The ideal agricultural machinery material is a material that can be converted into a soil layer by synergistic effect with other biodegradable materials, and biodegradable materials are mainly used as agricultural mulch and crop growth containers in agriculture and animal husbandry.

2, agricultural mulch

The traditional membrane has played a great role in assisting crop growth and improving crop production, but the shortcoming is that the solution after application is very difficult. Through the wind blowing the sun gently throughout the growing period of the crop, the compressive strength of the plastic film is reduced and broken into small fragments remaining in the soil environment, small fragments will cause soil compaction, prevent the growth and development of the crop roots and the digestion and absorption of water, and will continue to fly in the wind, resulting in air pollution. Preservative agricultural plastic film in addition to the advantages of traditional plastic film, the most important thing is that it can be automatically dissolved after application, no need to collect, at the same time, the amount of agricultural fertilizer and water requirements are correspondingly reduced, can carry out the next season of farming, so it can reduce white waste, but also reduce product costs.

3, crop growth container

Crop growth containers are used for planting and transplanting saplings, potted flowers, vegetables and fruits, and potted plants. If the container is not degradable, the biodegradable bag must be removed before planting so that the roots can grow rapidly, and the seedlings are very easy to be damaged and difficult to be planted with mechanical equipment. While the biodegradable plastic container maintains the roots during planting and has a high survival rate, planting and transplanting in this way can control the cost of many green plants and increase the planting time. Improved survival rates.