What are the characteristics of biodegradable plastic bags?

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Because biodegradable bags can be decomposed into low molecular composite plastic, will not have any harm to the environment, in terms of feel is also soft and smooth, but because of its degradation of different materials, so the production of biodegradable bags color is also different, there is a certain difference between. In addition, the biodegradable bags should be used in a wide range.

Meanwhile, biodegradable bags are mainly made of PBAT copolyester and PLA polylactic acid (a kind of corn extract). The materials used are all natural and will not pollute the human body and the environment, and the biodegradable bags are breathable, lightweight, flexible, waterproof, durable, colorful and easy to decompose. In addition to being used as gift bags and shopping bags, it is also possible to be used for advertising.

In addition, biodegradable bags in the natural soil conditions, can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water within 180, and biodegradable materials are also polyester as raw materials, so it is non-toxic and non-irritating, but also has antibacterial. Anti-mold and other characteristics. So biodegradable bags are healthy and environmentally friendly products.
Therefore, the emergence of biodegradable bags provides the strongest guarantee for our surrounding environment and people's life. Biodegradable plastic bags are popular at home and abroad. Because biodegradable materials are mainly made of corn, cassava and other crop starch, they have excellent biodegradability. It can be degraded by microorganisms in the soil to produce carbon dioxide and water after disposal, and will not produce toxic substances and pollute the environment.

So, the above is about the characteristics of biodegradable bags, I hope you can have a deeper understanding of biodegradable bags after reading. If you are interested in biodegradable bags and want to know more, you can search for more content on the website.