Where are biodegradable self-adhesive bags used?

Release time:2023-10-10 Number of views: 129

With the emergence of the word biodegradable in recent years, people have slowly begun to pay attention to all aspects of biodegradation, first of all, this biodegradation is the overall scope, it contains a lot of, like biodegradable shopping bags, biodegradable garbage bags, biodegradable self-adhesive bags and so on. We may be more familiar with biodegradable shopping bags and garbage bags, also know where to use, but do you know what biodegradable self-adhesive bags are used in?

First of all, biodegradable self-adhesive bags belong to the packaging design industry often use a kind of bag. There may be times when we come into contact with the biodegradable self-adhesive bags is not a feeling of variety, colorful? For example, OPP self-adhesive bags, self-sealing bags, and so on, some of the top is pure white, some of the top of the printed pattern, there are printed some corporate brand logo. these we may be more or less in life will see.

Secondly, biodegradable self-adhesive bags have good tensile strength, oil, dust, feel good, good flexibility, good abrasion resistance, good sealing and some other excellent properties, in addition, can also meet the food, gas, oil, solvents and other sealing requirements, but also to meet the requirements of anti-corrosion rust. Biodegradable self-adhesive bags can be used as gift bags in addition to food inside.

In addition, due to the biodegradable self-adhesive bags are better sealed, some are used to pack clothing quilts, cell phone accessories, etc., so that no matter how many clothing quilts do not have to worry about the weather, mold. In addition to packaging and receiving products, biodegradable self-adhesive bags can also play a role in protecting products.

Therefore, biodegradable self-adhesive bags can be used in many industries for a wide range of purposes. Importantly, biodegradable self-adhesive bags can be decomposed by light and moisture after use and disposal without burdening the environment. Even if they are used for food packaging, there is no need to worry about jeopardizing human health, and at the same time, they also bring great convenience to people's lives. Therefore, like this biodegradable self-adhesive bags are actually very popular. In addition, there is another point is that, because the biodegradable self-adhesive bag is required to print some content, so it needs to be customized according to the requirements of the customer, made into the way the customer wants.