Where are biodegradable shopping bags used more?

Release time:2023-10-13 Number of views: 126

Talking about shopping bags may be everyone of us know, but about biodegradable shopping bags may be some people are not so understand, because now plastic products to our lives and the surrounding environment have brought no small harm, therefore, biodegradable shopping bags in People's Daily living environment is also slowly being widely used. Biodegradable shopping bags are also used in many different industries. For example, we are familiar with the pharmaceutical industry, e-commerce shopping and hotels, etc., the amount of these daily use is also amazing. So where are biodegradable shopping bags used more?

First of all, most of the ordinary shopping bags we used in the past are not easy to degrade, and will destroy the ecological environment after discarding. Therefore, people have invented biodegradable shopping bags to protect the environment. Biodegradable shopping bags can be decomposed by microorganisms, most of which are widely used in medicine, food, packaging and other industries. Because the material of biodegradable shopping bags is harmless to the human body, it is favored by people, especially in the catering industry.

Secondly, there is a big difference between biodegradable shopping bags and ordinary shopping bags. One of the advantages of biodegradable shopping bag products is that they not only degrade quickly and efficiently, they usually start to break down after 72 days. However, manufacturers of biodegradable shopping bags often use PLA, PHA, PBA and other polymer composites to make biodegradable shopping bags more soft, wear resistant and collapsible. If you shop a lot, you will find that the biodegradable shopping bags will be printed with the brand logo or QR code information, in fact, this is a promotional feature. When customizing biodegradable shopping bags, users can also provide manufacturers with printing requirements. Because the manufacturer has a design team responsible for product design, users do not have to worry about the cost, they will provide free design services.

Finally, through the above brief introduction, is it possible for everyone to have a clearer understanding of biodegradable shopping bags? At the same time, we also call on everyone to advocate that everyone can slowly accept biodegradable shopping bags and use it for our safety and the surrounding environment.