Can biodegradable plastic bags continue to be used after the shelf life?

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Since biodegradable plastic bags can be degraded under certain conditions, we may feel that there is a shelf life when we customize and buy biodegradable plastic bags, so can biodegradable plastic bags be used after the shelf life?
First of all, biodegradable plastic bags are able to meet the needs of different people, in the shelf life of the period of its nature will not undergo any changes, and in the natural environment can be degraded to the environment and people do not have harmful substances plastic bags. In addition, the biodegradable plastic bags used in the material is also recognized as environmentally friendly materials. In the case of general degradation, biodegradable plastic bags can be degraded within 180 days, the degradation is for the water dioxide, these will be happy to receive the natural world, do not pollute the environment, the real source of nature, to nature, in addition, we use biodegradable plastic bags at the same time the pollution of the environment is greatly reduced, truly green ecological environmental protection, health and hygiene, with the Rest assured.

Secondly, biodegradable plastic bag degradation time is and our weekly factors are inseparable, in the general environment, even if the time exceeds 6-9 months will not be into the immediate decomposition of the disappearance, but the appearance of certain changes will occur, such as the strength, raw with time problems gradually become worse this is the degradation of the phenomenon, so that the biodegradable plastic bags can not be carried out in large quantities of the depository, only the appropriate purchase, the storage requirements are to keep clean, dry and clean, and to keep the bag in a clean and dry condition. The storage requirement is to keep the bag clean and dry, do not expose it to direct sunlight, and pay attention to the principle of first-in-first-out storage management. Therefore, biodegradable plastic bags, a contradiction lies in the impossibility of requiring faster biodegradation speed at the same time longer preservation time in addition, with the plastic bags caused by white pollution is becoming more and more serious, by the majority of people attach great importance to. At the same time, the state also issued a new plastic judgment ban. But the emergence of biodegradable plastic bags is the perfect solution to the problem of white pollution, although the current biodegradable plastic bags and, the cost is still higher, but the professional flexible packaging business that biodegradable plastic bags are good, both the ring and practical, and the traditional plastic bags are not comparable. Therefore, the biodegradable plastic bags for
When buying, try not to store too much at a time, just buy in moderation.