What taboos should be paid attention to when covering mulch?

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Agricultural film will be covered in crop growth, and there are many kinds of agricultural film, how to cover agricultural film? What taboos should we pay attention to in the covering of agricultural film?

Avoid blind film selection

Film is roughly divided into industrial film and agricultural film, in vegetable production must choose agricultural film, do not choose industrial film, because some industrial film contains some toxic substances, harm to crops, and even cause no production.

Agricultural film is divided into transparent film, black film, silver gray film, etc., according to the season, crop types, covering purposes, choose different shed film. For example, the vegetable should choose transparent film for the purpose of warming and moisturizing; Black film should be selected for the purpose of lowering ground temperature, weeding and moisturizing; Aphids can be prevented by silver gray film.

Don't neglect water management

Some people think that mulching film has the effect of water retention, while ignoring water management, in fact, water retention is to have water protection. Therefore, before mulching, the moisture in the soil must be sufficient, which is the key to ensure the normal growth of seedlings and seedlings.

On the contrary, if the soil is sticky, too much water, lack of oxygen, seed germination and root growth is unfavorable, such a plot should be first air-dried, and then covered with mulch when the humidity is appropriate, otherwise it is easy to retting the root and destroy the seedlings.

Cultivation of strawberry fruits using the plasticulture method, plants growing on plastic mulch in walk-in greenhouse polyethylene tunnels

Avoid sowing blindly in advance

Mulch covering seeding can not be too early, because the mulch film ground temperature is good, moisture content is good, seedling emergence is fast, and it is easy to freeze when it encounters late frost, resulting in the destruction of seedlings. Three factors must be considered to determine the planting date: first, the requirements of the environmental conditions of the seedlings; The second is the local last frost period: the third is the number of days from sowing to emergence. In the case of the three conditions are suitable, is the final frost period before the sowing after the final frost period, which is conducive to increase production and income.

Avoid blind fertilization

In order to produce high yield, some vegetable farmers blindly increase the amount of fertilizer, especially sowing at the same time 埯 or strip application, not only cause waste, increase costs, and even burn seedlings and destroy seeds.

Some vegetable farmers think that the cover film can increase production, the amount of agricultural fertilizer is small, the amount of fertilizer is insufficient, resulting in late defertilization, affecting the output.