Five benefits of crop mulch

Release time:2023-10-17 Number of views: 144

There are many kinds of crops, and crops need to be covered with mulch, most of which is black. What are the benefits of covering crops with black mulch?

First, strong fertilizer protection ability. The organic matter in the soil covered by black film was in a normal circulation state due to the steady change of soil temperature. The results showed that the nutrient indexes of total nitrogen, organic matter, available potassium and alkali-hydrolyzed nitrogen in the soil covered by black film were higher than those covered by transparent film.

Second, good water retention ability. According to the test, the water content of 5 cm underground after the black mulch is covered, whether it is two days after the cover or 35 days after the cover, it is 4-10% higher than the transparent film.

Third, prevent adverse effects. Black mulch film has low light transmittance and less radiant heat transmittance, so it can make the diurnal variation of soil temperature of covered soil small. According to the test, the soil temperature of the soil covered by black film is 1-3℃ lower than that of transparent film at the peak of plant growth. Due to the small temperature increase, it is beneficial to promote the normal growth of crop roots, especially the growth of vegetables such as tomatoes, beans and bell peppers, which have low soil temperature requirements.

Fourth, improve vegetable production. Since the soil temperature increase of black mulch film is less than that of transparent film, especially for some crops with low soil temperature requirement of root system, such as tomatoes, green beans, cowpeas, late watermelon, etc., whether the early yield or total yield after covering black film can be higher than that of covering transparent film. According to the experiment, the yield increase of tomato covered with black film is the most obvious, and the increase can reach 11.8%.

Fifth. Control weeds. Grass damage is a serious problem when the transparent film is covered. After the agricultural black film is covered, the ground weeds are difficult to grow due to insufficient light conditions. The test shows that after covering the black film with a light transmittance of 5%, there are almost no weeds in the soil after a month. When the agricultural black mulch with a light transmittance of 10% is used, the soil produces weeds, but the growth force is very weak and will not be a disaster.