Diversified choice of agricultural film to check a few points?

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There are a lot of agricultural film on the market, a variety of agricultural film, agricultural film color is also a lot of, for agricultural film for how to choose? What is the role of the different colors of agricultural film?

1, black agricultural film low transmittance, can be effective in the water-based hair and system of the growth of miscellaneous, but the temperature increase is slow, less than the transparent film, mainly suitable for weeds from the birth of the ground decision and the high temperature season of my vegetables under the summer Luo, cabbage Hongkong cabbage autumn cucumber late tomatoes) and orchards, black agricultural film love cover can save the weeding with labor!

2, silver agricultural film: light transmittance in about 60%, can reflect ultraviolet rays, can absorb and avoid vegetables, melons and fruits good insect and white powder around, reduce the quality of harm, water and weed control and other functions, suitable for summer and fall vegetables, melons, tobacco prevention and control of disease and heat cut cultivation, practice has proved that summer and fall seasons for the cover of the cucumber, watermelon Pan, spinach celery, camping, cotton and other crops, not only have a good effect of disease prevention and insect pests, but also to improve the quality of these crops. The quality of these crops.

3, blue agricultural film: light transmittance in low light conditions higher than the white film, and in strong light conditions, light transmittance is lower than the white film, good thermal insulation performance. It is suitable for breeding and seedling, not only has high seedling rate, but also has strong seedling phase, and it can control the growth of cruciferous vegetable's black spot fungus, and it has obvious effect of yield increase and quality preservation. Very suitable for rice breeding, can also be used for vegetables, cotton, peanuts, strawberries, horse bell camp and other crops cover crop cultivation.

4. green agricultural film: can make the green light increase, so that weed growth is controlled, more sub to prevent weeds, improve yield, commonly used in covering vegetable beans, eggplant, bell peppers, melons, strawberries and other vegetables and other economic crops cultivation.

5, red agricultural film: can transmit red light, at the same time, can be clear to block the other unfavorable growth of the color of the light through, therefore. Full of water fall rice mon and other need to play light, the growth of things sense, to live for water sense non-yellow crop cover.