How do you produce garbage bags to be fully biodegradable?

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Mention of garbage bags, each of us are not strangers, because each of us will use it almost every day, the emergence of garbage bags to all aspects of our lives have brought great convenience, while making the surrounding environment has also become a lot of neat and tidy, but there is a little problem is that when the ordinary garbage bags are discarded, it is really difficult to be degraded, and at the same time will also cause some white pollution, to bring harm to people's bodies. Harmful to people's health. But our life and can not live without it, so the ordinary garbage bags from the past is not easy to degrade into biodegradable or even biodegradable, which is the main change is the production of raw materials change. The raw materials used in the past are PE, but now it is PLA, PHA or PBAT, PBS, PPC, PGA and so on. Polylactic acid or polystyrene blends are fully biodegradable garbage bags that can be broken down by microorganisms in nature.

For example, PLA degradation raw material comes from microbial fermentation and chemical synthesis of polymers obtained in one of the polymers, it is because of its chemical structure is different from PE, so it can be degraded by microorganisms.

Another example, PBAT degradation of the main raw material is a chemical reaction synthesis method of petrochemical products for monomer polymerization and get to improve the raw material one of the problems, PBAT materials in seawater, soil, composting technology under the conditions of the relatively simple and easy to lead to biodegradation. But the natural soil, temperature, moisture, microorganisms and other conditions development does not have a controllable, the current PBAT degradation of garbage bags in the field soil conditions (under normal climate change conditions) full degradation of about 6 months. (Degradation processing in composting may be faster.) In fact, most fully biodegradable garbage bags are produced from PBAT+PLA mixtures.

Currently, many more people use non-biodegradable garbage bags than biodegradable bags. There are not many biodegradable garbage bags on the market, so when choosing a biodegradable garbage bag, it is advisable to find out about the degradation of the raw materials used by the manufacturer, and don't forget to look at the manufacturer's degradation test reports.