How biodegradable materials are used

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There are many explainable materials, such as biodegradable mulch, biodegradable plastic bags, etc. So what are the biodegradable materials? How are they utilized?

1、Main use in agriculture and animal husbandry

Idealized agricultural machinery materials are able to synergize with other biodegradable materials converted to enhance the soil layer, biodegradable materials in agriculture and animal husbandry as the primary agricultural land film and crop growth containers.

2、Agricultural land film

Traditional membrane in assisting crop growth, enhance crop production level played a great effect, but lead to the shortcomings of the application of the solution is very difficult. Through all the crop growth period of the wind gently blowing sunshine, the compressive strength of the plastic film is reduced and are cracked into small pieces of residue in the soil environment, small pieces of residue will cause soil condensation, blocking the crop roots at the growth and development and the digestion and absorption of water, but also continue to be scattered with the wind, resulting in air pollution. In addition to the advantages of traditional plastic film, the most important thing is that it can be dissolved automatically after application, without the need for collection, and at the same time, the need for agricultural fertilizer and water should be reduced, so that the next season's cultivation can be carried out, so it can both reduce white waste and reduce product costs.

3. Crop growth containers

Crop containers are used for planting and transplanting saplings, potted flowers, vegetables and fruits, and potted plants. If the container is not degradable, the biodegradable bag must be removed before planting in order to make the rhizome grow rapidly, and the seedlings are very easy to damage, difficult to plant with mechanical equipment, and biodegradable plastic containers in the planting maintenance of the rhizome, the survival rate is high, with this type of way of planting and transplanting can be made to control the cost of a lot of green plants, the planting time increased, the survival rate increased.