How much do you know about the advantages of biodegradable agricultural mulch?

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There are many kinds of agricultural film, and most of them use biodegradable agricultural film nowadays, so what are the biodegradable agricultural film? What are the advantages of biodegradable agricultural films?

Due to the use of agricultural mulch film, the temperature and humidity of the soil are effectively controlled, the loss of water and nutrients is reduced, and the high and stable yield of crops is promoted, thus increasing the benefits of agricultural production.

Biodegradable agricultural land film is mainly based on humic acid and plant straw and other biomass as the main raw materials, through the activation of extraction, the production of organic fertilizer required by the soil, humic acid, lignin, cellulose and polysaccharides in the role of crosslinking agents to form polymers, with a variety of additives, silica fertilizer, micronutrients, pesticides and herbicides mixed with multifunctional biodegradable black liquid mulch film.

PE is a copolymer of ethylene and carbon monoxide, which has good photodegradation ability, and the degradation time of degradable film can be controlled by adjusting the content of carbon monoxide in EcolytePE copolymer.

Adding 0.5% anthraquinone or naphthoquinone or hydroquinone to PP copolymer resulted in that only anthraquinone is photosensitizer and can be made into photodegradable film, while naphthoquinone and hydroquinone are good light stabilizers.

Biodegradable agricultural mulch film not only has the role of plastic mulch film in heat absorption and temperature increase, moisture retention and seedling preservation, but also has a strong adhesion ability, which can link the soil particles into ideal agglomerates.