How to use colored agricultural film

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There are many kinds of agricultural film, a variety of agricultural film, and the color is also diverse, for colored agricultural film how to use it?
Black membrane
When planting summer radish, cabbage, spinach, autumn cucumber and late tomato in the plots with serious weeds or in the high temperature season, the black film covering effect is better.
Purple membrane
The membrane is mainly suitable for the cultivation of solanum and green leafy vegetables in greenhouses or plastic greenhouses in winter and spring, which can improve fruit quality and yield.

Yellow membrane
According to the experiment, celery and lettuce were covered with yellow film, and the plants grew tall; Covering cucumber, can promote the emergence of buds and flowering, increase the yield 1-1.5 times; Covering tea trees, tea quality is high, the yield is improved.
Red membrane
The production practice proved that the rice seedlings cultivated under the red film grew well; Covering the beets increases their sugar content; Covering carrots will make their straight roots grow strong; Covering leek makes the leaves wide and the meat thick, the harvest time is advanced, and the yield is increased.
Blue membrane
It is mainly suitable for rice seedling cultivation, which is conducive to the cultivation of short and sturdy seedlings, and can also be used for vegetables, cotton, peanuts, strawberries, beans, eggplant, bell pepper, tomatoes, melons and other vegetables and other cash crops. It can play a good role in preventing weeds.
Silver grey film
It is mainly suitable for summer and autumn vegetables, melons, cotton and flue-cured tobacco cultivation. It has good effect of preventing disease, aphids and whitefly and improving quality.

Silver reflective film
It is mainly used for greenhouse vegetable cultivation and can be hung on the north side of the cultivation belt in the greenhouse to improve the lighting conditions in the greenhouse.
Silver and black double mask
The membrane is composed of cream grey and black membrane. When covered, the silver grey film is on top of the black film, and has many functions such as preventing aphids and diseases, weeding and water preservation. It is mainly suitable for disease-resistant and heat-resistant cultivation of summer and autumn vegetables and melons.
Black and white film
It is mainly suitable for heat resistant cultivation of summer and autumn vegetables and melons. It has the effect of lowering ground temperature, retaining water and weeding, and can promote the growth of cool vegetables such as radish, cabbage and lettuce by using the film to cover the ground.