Identify what skills to understand agricultural film

Release time:2023-12-29 Number of views: 81

There are many types of agricultural film, a variety of agricultural film. Of course, the quality of agricultural film is also different, so how to identify the quality of agricultural film?

1, high transparent agricultural film transparency is good, and the general color of agricultural film is white and foggy;

2, high-quality agricultural film weather resistance is good, in the cold winter, still maintain good softness, and the general agricultural film is hardened, a little fold will have white marks;

3, durable agricultural film tensile strength is high, such as cut a small strip, stretching 6-7 times, still will not break, the general agricultural film is brittle.

4, when the anti-flow drip film is sprayed with water, the water drops are flaky, and along the film wall, and the water is flaky when the general film is used;

5, when the thermal insulation film is stretched, the open place will become white, in the white place such as repeated pull, then transparent, indicating high thermal insulation, the general film does not have this effect.

6, anti-dust agricultural film is non-sticky, convenient film, and water spray film surface, water collection is small water beads, and the general agricultural film is strong viscosity, film and film will stick together, not easy to open, easy to dust;