What are the properties and applications of liquid mulch?

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Liquid mulch can be mixed with herbicides, stirred for ten minutes, and then sprayed evenly on the ground surface with an agricultural dew sprayer, and the whole process can be completed by one person. So what are the properties and applications of liquid mulch?
(1)Increase soil temperature, increase the effective cumulative temperature: spraying liquid mulch can form a layer of dark brown film on the surface of the ground, so that the 5-15m of temperature increase 1 - 4, so that the crop fertility period in advance of 3-5 days.
(2)Inhibit water evaporation, improve water utilization:Evaporation inhibition rate of more than 30%, soil water content increased by more than 20%, the number of water-stable clusters in the soil (0.25mm) can be more than 10%.
(3) natural degradation, pollution of liquid mulch :sprayed  by light, heat and soil microbes, in about 90 days gradually degradation, degradation into humic acid organic fertilizer, from the root of the "white pollution".
(4)Physiological: after turning over, it can improve the structure, improve the permeability can effectively improve the land due to the long-term use of chemical knot problem in the lower body in the amount of composite, 0-5cm of land in the salinity reduced by about 50%, the soil weight reduction of 6-10%.
(5)Improve the fertilizer efficiency liquid mulch itself has the fertilizer efficiency, after the degradation of the product is a high-quality organic fertilizers of the class of plant, the decay of the class of substances with the growth and development of the prickly things, increase the resistance of the crop to send the sex, improve the nutrient status of things and other efficacy, and can improve the soil's fertilizer retention, water retention capacity, so that the different crops of the increase in yields of about 15%.
(6) site spraying film, simple operation, save labor and time: the corresponding crop required herbicide dream mix liquid together with the application, after spraying, the crop can be natural seedling, without artificial seedling release, save labor, and the ground to open the ground system adaptability.