Material principle and scope of use of biodegradable bags

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When it comes to biodegradable bags, you may be a little unfamiliar, in fact, in easy-to-understand words to explain that biodegradable bags are soft bags that are easily biodegradable to replace traditional bags in the past, and in addition, the price is lower than that of cloth bags and paper bags in the past, and the environmental protection index of biodegradable bags is more environmentally friendly than that of plastic bags in the past. Let people feel more at ease to use. But what are the material principles and the scope of use of biodegradable bags?

First of all

is the principle of biodegradable bag material, biodegradable bag is made of polymer materials, such as polylactic acid, polystyrene, polystyrene diethyl ps, etc., under the use of microorganisms, polymilk can be completely decomposed into water and carbon oxide and other low molecular weight compounds, is absolutely no pollution to the environment. Therefore, this is also the characteristics of biodegradable bags.


it is about the scope of application of biodegradable bags, in fact, there is a close relationship between the characteristics of biodegradable bags, because biodegradable bags are convenient for storage and transportation, as long as they are dry enough, do not need to avoid light, and the scope of application of biodegradable bags is wide. Generally speaking, all kinds of bags in our lives can be used, such as clothing, food, decorations, etc. In addition, the biodegradable line can play a certain role in maintaining dry weather for agricultural mulch, and can also be used for storing drugs and medical tools in the medical field.

In short

biodegradable bags add another card to the progress of science, replacing the old with the new. It not only gives us a more specific concept of environmental protection from the concept, but also helps us to do environmental protection and safety work in the actual green, and makes a lot of quality contributions to the improvement of the environment for human survival!

Of course

in addition to biodegradable bags, there are biodegradable plastic bags, biodegradable toilet biodegradable bags, biodegradable garbage bags, degradable wrap bags, degradable shopping bags, degradable vest bags and all kinds of environmental protection bags and so on. Therefore, biodegradable bags are able to meet the needs of different groups.