New types of agricultural film and their functions

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Agricultural film is inseparable from the growth of crops, and there are many agricultural films with different roles, so what are the types of new agricultural film?

Light and thin agricultural film

The thickness of this agricultural film is only 1/2 of the thickness of the first agricultural road, so the weight is reduced by 1/2 and the corresponding use cost is also reduced by 1/2. The transmittance and protection of this agricultural film are better than that of the first agricultural film, and each can cover about 436 mu of the land, which is twice that of the Yingtong agricultural road.

Multi-purpose agricultural film

In addition to being used as water strong, cotton, corn, tobacco, flower blind seedlings and field cover, it is also used as a flood prevention film and an inner village for the pool, which greatly improves the water/rate. In addition, it can also be widely used in edible fungi cultivation and storage of green feed.

Long-life agricultural film

In order to make agricultural film resistant to aging and easy to recycle, anti-aging agents are added in the production process, which can extend the life of agricultural film by 2-4 times, such as the film still has a certain strength after the film is uncovered, and can still be used after recovery, which can not only peak low cost, but also reduce the amount of residual film in the field.

Insect-proof agricultural film

The film only reflects the ultraviolet rays of sunlight, and inhibits the reflection of visible light. Pests do not dare to get close to the agricultural film because they are afraid of ultraviolet light, so they come to the pest control effect. It is especially effective for the prevention and treatment of good insects with strong resistance and red spider sister. Disease prevention agricultural film This is a special agricultural film, such as corn mulch, cotton mulch, melon and vegetable mulch. It is produced using diseases that are specific to different crops. In the production process of disease prevention agricultural film, some specific pesticides are added in a targeted manner. This kind of agricultural film has no residue, no pollution, remarkable disease prevention effect, and has been widely used in many places.