Old agricultural film storage to master which method

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There are many kinds of agricultural film, a variety of agricultural film, so much agricultural film how to store it? What methods should be mastered in the storage of agricultural film?
First, the soil storage method, that is, in the land, before burying, should be washed, dried in, rolled, wrapped in old agricultural film, selected soil dry humidity moderate place, into the 80 cm deep pit, and then cover the top of the 30 cm thick soil.
Second, the water storage method, that is, with water in the container will be used in the agricultural wash, rolled into or check the whole study, immediately with water in the container, add Qingjing water, submerge the film, above the pressure on the weight, and then sealed with a thick film, in the indoor preservation. Storage period can not be dehydrated.
Third, the bag storage method will be used to wash the film roll check up, loaded into a new plastic bag, tighten the mouth, placed in a moist and cool place. And can not be placed close to the heat source, and prevent sunlight.
Fourth, the cellar storage method washed film, immediately with water roll folded neatly into a clean plastic bag, tighten the mouth of the bag, into the cellar can be.
Fifth, dry storage method will wash the film to dry, and then a round stick rolled up (to prevent the film even, roll film should be appropriate to add some talcum powder), will be rolled up the film in a dry and moderate temperature room.