How to shuck oysters

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Including seafood on the menu is a great way to diversify your dishes. Specifically, showcasing different oysters will elevate the status of your restaurant while offering interesting interactive dishes to your customers. Placing a plate of beautiful oysters on half shell will make an immediate first impression, and learning how to shuck oysters the right way ensures a good impression.

What is husking?


Shucking is the method of opening the shell of an oyster so that the meat can be eaten raw. Live oyster shells are very tightly sealed, but the shells can be safely opened with the correct method of husking.

How to Open an oyster

Follow these instructions to properly peel oysters:


Oyster sheller tool

  1. Oyster sheller
  2. Oyster shucking gloves
  3. Two clean towels
  4. Fill a plate with ice (if oysters are placed on half shell)


How to Open an oyster

Follow these instructions on how to shuck oysters:


  1. Start by purchasing an oyster sheller to do the job easily and seamlessly. Oyster gloves can also provide additional protection. If you don't have an oyster knife to shuck oysters with, you can use a butter knife, paring knife, or even a screwdriver. However, due to their design, these are not the safest options.
  2. Your oysters need to be as fresh as possible. Guests will eat oysters raw, so make sure you know how to store them properly before eating.
  3. First, place the oyster cup side down on one half of the clean towel, then fold the other half to cover the oyster almost completely, leaving the hinge exposed.
  4. Insert the tip of the oyster knife into the hinge of the oyster, the pointed V-shaped end of the oyster.
  5. Gently twist the knife into the shell until it pops out. Wipe off the knife with a clean towel to remove excess sand or grit.
  6. Place the knife back into the oyster and point the knife towards yourself, holding the knife along the top of the shell, undoing the shell and separating its adductor muscle, thus keeping the oyster closed.
  7. Once the top shell is completely detached, scrape the meat attached to the inside of the top shell back into the bottom shell, where the rest of the oyster's flesh and liquid are.
  8. Discard the top shell.
  9. In a diving motion, move the knife along the bottom of the shell beneath the oyster meat to separate it, then flip the oyster meat so that the smooth part of the meat floats to the top.
  10. The shell may have dirt or dirt stuck in the inner clamp. If this happens to you, do not rinse the oysters. Instead, use a clean towel to carefully wipe away dirt or dirt.
  11. Serve on a bed of ice with other shelled oysters.

How to shuck oysters quickly

If you need to peel a large number of oysters quickly, there is a special tool that can get the job done quickly. A special oyster bottle opener takes the pressure off your hands and opens the shell with a single click of a lever. For caterers and large seafood restaurants, investing in oyster corkopeners can reduce labor and make kitchen preparation more efficient.


Oyster shucking takes practice, but at the right time, you'll become an expert. Learning how to do this quickly and easily will make service times faster, which is crucial when serving customers fresh oysters on a bed of ice.

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