The role of different agricultural films in crops

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There are many different kinds of agricultural films, many different kinds of agricultural films, and different agricultural films have different roles. Come together to understand?

Black film

Weed serious plots or high temperature season cultivation of summer radish, cabbage, spinach, fall cucumber, late tomato, the choice of black film is effective.

Green film.

Used for strawberries, beans, eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes, melons and other vegetables and other cash crops, can better prevent weeds.

Red film

It has been proved that the rice seedlings cultivated under red film grow vigorously; sugar content of sugar beet increases; carrot grows big; leek leaves are wide and thick, and the harvesting period is advanced, and the yield increases.

Purple film

Mainly used in winter and spring greenhouse or greenhouse cultivation of flowers and fruits and green leafy vegetables, which can improve the quality and yield.

Yellow film

According to the test, cover cucumber with yellow film, can promote the present buds and flowers, increase yield 1 to 1.5 times; cover celery and lettuce, plant growth tall, shoots delayed; cover the short straw lentil, plant internode growth, bean growth and strong.

Silver Gray Film

Mainly used in summer and fall cultivation of vegetables, melons, cotton and tobacco, with good disease prevention and quality improvement.

Silver Reflective Film

Mainly used in greenhouse vegetable cultivation, can be hung on the north side of the cultivation bed in the greenhouse to improve the light conditions.

Silver and black double-sided film

This film is made of silver gray and black film composite. When covering, the silver gray film is facing upward and the black film is facing downward, which can avoid aphids, prevent diseases, remove grass and keep water.