The selection of shed film to consider several points

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The choice of greenhouse film is very important. Good shed film is good for crop growth, so what points should be considered in the selection of shed film?

Tearing strength

Silie strength refers to the transverse and longitudinal tensile strength and toughness of the shed film. Tear strength of the shed film, winter and spring season of heavy snow and strong winds will not cause strong or strong degree of light

Light transmittance

In winter and spring in our province, the dust is large and the haze weather is more, the air humidity is large, the shed film will be stained - if it is a transparent film, the surface is smooth and dust-free, or it is very clean after washing in rain and snow, the light transmission performance directly affects the light intensity and temperature of the shed

Droplet atomization performance

The phase film is divided into drip film and no film, the high quality state committee degree is good, the lake does not form a flow, the water vapor will flow down to the ground when the degree is large, the cable function is excellent, and pay attention to the lake, the good film has a positive and negative point, do not buckle the fog layer back to the outside.