The use of fully biodegradable mulching film

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Mulch is the ground cover film, usually transparent or black PE film, there are also green, silver films, used for ground cover, to increase soil temperature, keep soil moisture, maintain soil structure, prevent pests from invading crops and diseases caused by some microorganisms, and promote the function of plant growth.

When using multi-functional mulch irrigation to apply organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer nutrients dissolve in water and enter the soil with water, the residue is decomposed, and can be applied next time, once fertilizing, multiple times available, fertilizer with water, reasonable distribution, suitable for plant growth and fertilizer characteristics, and simple and labor-saving. Proper combination of irrigation and long-term water storage can increase the air humidity of crop growth layer. The multi-functional mulching film can be covered for many years at a time, and the weeds under the film can be eliminated, which not only saves the film but also avoids the pain of work.

Plastic film design and planning are flexible and diverse, and what kind of irrigation requirements can be produced. A variety of functions are organically integrated, so that a number of tasks are completed in a simple and economical multi-functional irrigation film with automatic flow operation and high quality, eliminating complex and difficult technical equipment, but also saving labor and energy input.

The manufacture of mulching film is simple, and a suitable opening equipment can be added to the film-making machine. The covering method is easy to learn and understand, easy to use, when the water is put into the storage, the water point can be put a buffer cushion, the buffer cushion can be tied into a thatch, or a plastic film can be used, as long as the covering soil is not opened, so it can be quickly promoted. Mulch also enhances plant resistance to disease and disaster; It can significantly improve the yield, quality and benefit of crops, vegetables and forest fruits.