To distinguish the true and false agricultural film should consider several points

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There are many kinds of agricultural film, many kinds of agricultural film. But the quality of agricultural film is different, how to distinguish for agricultural film? What points should be considered in agricultural film discrimination?
1. Check whether the product meets the national mandatory standards.
The national mandatory standard thickness of agricultural film is 0.008mm, the use of unqualified agricultural film, not only can not play the role of insulation and moisture, but it is very easy to cause "white pollution" of farmland.
2. Choose agricultural film according to the application
If the blind purchase is used as an ordinary agricultural film or is not used according to the requirements of the manufacturer, it wastes its functionality, so it should be selected for purpose, and it should also carefully check the actual performance of its functional characteristics.
3. Ask for purchase invoice and product qualification certificate
The purchase of agricultural film to understand the qualifications and reputation of the production enterprises and sellers, to check the product quality inspection certificate and sales invoice.