What are the benefits and functions of mulch film

Release time:2023-10-17 Number of views: 142

Mulch is the ground cover film, usually transparent or black PE film, there are also green, silver films, used for ground cover, can improve the soil temperature, keep soil moisture, maintain soil structure, prevent pests from invading crops and diseases caused by some organisms, and promote the function of plant growth. However, plastic film planting uses a large amount of plastic film, which remains in the soil after crop harvest and is difficult to degrade, causing pollution and damage to the soil. With the spread of the plasticizer storm, whether the plastic film can not degrade will lead to high plasticizer content in the soil and affect people's health is still being tested.
Mulch can increase ground temperature, keep soil moisture, improve soil fertility, improve soil physical properties, improve light energy utilization, inhibit weed growth, and promote the growth and development of crops. The biggest effect of mulching cultivation is to increase the soil temperature. After mulching during the spring low temperature period is used to cover the soil during the day, the temperature in the 0-10 cm deep soil layer can be increased by 1-6 ° C, and the maximum can reach more than 8 ° C