What are the formulations of biodegradable mulch

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There are many kinds of biodegradable mulch, and many people are curious about what are the formulas for biodegradable mulch? What are the formulations of biodegradable mulch?

1, starch as a key raw material of plastic film.According to the degradation principle and destruction method, it can be divided into: starch plus type incomplete biodegradable film and starch as the key raw material thoroughly biodegradable film. Plus type biodegradable mulching film is made of PE plastic with biodegradable characteristics of pure natural or generated polymers and other mixed raw materials, coupled with biomedical polymer material compatibilizers, food antioxidants and food grade blown into the film, does not belong to the complete biodegradable.

2, pure natural biomass fuel is a chemical fiber, according to the etherification of cellulose, esterification reaction and its air oxidation into acids, aldehydes and ketones can be made into mulch, belongs to the thorough biodegradable mulch. The main components of biodegradable mulching film based on crude oil are some polymer materials. This pbsa biodegradable material component can be quickly dissolved in nature and used by microbial strains, and the final degradation substances are carbon dioxide and water.

3, starch based degradation film. It is to develop modified starch materials, produce plastic that can be biodegradable, and then produce plastic film. This kind of mulch film has the advantages of simple operation and low cost. The vast majority of Chinese product research and development enterprises produce and manufacture plus-type starch plastics, and the starch composition of their products is 10%-30%.

4, thoroughly biodegradable mulch. The key degradable plastic formulation consists of starches that are alcoholized into lactic acid and then polymerized into fully biodegradable semi-crystalline polymers, polylactic acid that can be completely degraded in water and soil layers.

5. Compared with the traditional high-pressure polyethylene mulching film, the key advantage of whole-organism degradable mulching film is that after the mulching film loses the function of raising temperature and fixing soil, it is automatically degraded into small molecular water components with zero pollution to the natural environment within a certain time under the effect of various factors, so as to avoid environmental pollution of the residual film to the natural environment of the field.