What are the properties of biodegradable agricultural mulch film?

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Biodegradable mulch film is a new type of mulch film, and there are many kinds of mulch film, so what is the role of biodegradable agricultural mulch film in crop covering?

Biodegradable film is a new type of new biodegradable film, and its degradation principle is that the plastic components are mixed with biodegradable biomass, which makes it easy to degrade large pieces of plastic into small pieces of plastic.

With the popularization of mulching cultivation technology, the problem of land pollution by residual film is becoming more and more prominent. In order to solve the problem of "white pollution" caused by residual film on farmland, the relevant technical personnel have developed biodegradable agricultural mulch film.

There are four major types of greenhouse films available on the market, namely, non-drip film, drip film, composite film and violet film, which can be reasonably selected by users according to their needs. Drip-free film cover, the inner surface of the greenhouse membrane water droplets can flow down the slope, no residual water droplets under the membrane, good shading, the temperature inside the shed is uniformly higher than the dripping film 3 ℃ to 5 ℃, is conducive to the safe overwintering of flowers in winter.

Biodegradable agricultural film reflectivity decreased, scattered transmittance increased, conducive to the growth of crops in the shed, midday can reduce the speed of warming in the shed, to prevent high temperature damage to crops.

Biodegradable agricultural land film can strengthen the role of cover insulation. After planting at low temperature, you can buckle small arches in the shed, with fine bamboo stalks and other arches, cover the film at night, under the condition of the film can also cover grass thatch; in the shed cover film, can increase the temperature and moisturizing; the bottom of the shed with the plastic film for the apron, can significantly reduce the bottom of the cold air invasion.