What are the uses of biodegradable plastic bags

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Biodegradable plastic bags can be made into various types of bags, such as flat bags, tote bags, self-adhesive bags, undershirt bags and so on. In addition, biodegradable plastic bags can be decomposed into low molecular weight composite plastics, which are non-polluting to the environment, and are soft and smooth in feel. Due to the different biodegradable materials, the colors of biodegradable plastic bags are light yellow, white and transparent. Therefore, biodegradable plastic bags are widely used in various aspects such as garment self-adhesive bags, flat bags, bio-express bags, undershirt bags and disposable product packaging bags.

In addition, biodegradable plastic bags materials are all natural. In the process of production and development, biodegradable plastic bags do not contain plastic components, which reduces the consumption of oil and the emission of toxic gases. And biodegradable plastic bags are breathable, lightweight, flexible, waterproof, environmentally friendly, anti-static, durable, more vibrant colors and easy to pass through decomposition. In addition to being able to be used as gift bags and shopping bags, they can also be used for online advertising and cultural promotion.

In addition to this, biodegradable plastic bags can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water within 180 days under natural soil or industrial composting conditions. As its material is made of polyester-based biological materials, it is an environmentally friendly product made through a unique process. It has the characteristics of anti-bacteria, anti-mold, non-irritation, non-toxic and compostable. Therefore, biodegradable plastic bags are characterized by health and environmental protection.

Biodegradable plastic bags also use starch as the main raw material. I also all know that corn starch is one of the main sources of human starch, as well as the main raw material for industrial starch and starch-based deep processing industry. Biodegradable plastic bags utilize the microorganisms in the waste soil to erode the starch first, and then degrade the starch into carbon dioxide and water, effectively shortening the degradation time and reducing environmental pollution.

Therefore, the emergence of biodegradable plastic bags provides a strong guarantee for the protection of our earth's ecological environment and the cleaning of human living space. It is also favored by users at home and abroad. Of course, biodegradable plastic bags have more uses, if you want to know more about biodegradable plastic bags, then you can search the website to view.