What is turndown service?

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Turndown service is a service provided by the hotel industry that involves preparing rooms for guests to stay overnight. The service is provided in the evening when guests are out for dinner or other activities so that they can easily go to bed when they return to their rooms. Provide turndown service for guests to create a luxurious and comfortable environment to make guests feel at home. Below, we'll give you everything you need to know about the turndown service and show you how to implement it in your hotel.

What does turndown service mean?

The term "turndown service" refers to the specific procedure of preparing a room for a guest at night. The practice is a multi-step process that involves cleaning and preparing multiple areas of the room. Although turndown service may vary by location, a typical turndown service is as follows:


Turn the bed down - Remove the extra pillows, fold down the duvet and sheets, and prepare the bed.

Clean the room - Remove loose items such as trays and empty bottles from the room.

Replace towels - Replace used hotel towels with new dry towels.

Turndown Service available - Many turndown services offer small amenities such as chocolate or breakfast for guests to enjoy.

Close curtains and turn off lights - All curtains and blinds in the room should be closed, and all lights except the bedside lamp should be turned off.

Hotel turndown service

Turndown service is often seen as an essential part of a luxury hotel. Often, high-end hotels and multi-star resorts are the only types of hotels that offer turndown service, which means you won't have a turndown service at every hotel you stay at. The hotel's turndown service enhances the sense of grandeur, combined with a variety of other amenities to provide guests with a luxurious experience.

Holiday rental turndown service

While turndown services are usually reserved for hotels, hosts also offer some vacation rental turndown services. Similar to hotel services, vacation rental turndown services include preparing the guest's bedroom for the night. The turndown service in holiday rentals can bring a unique feeling of luxury that is not available in other rentals.


Guests who use vacation rentals instead of hotels often have different spending behaviors than guests who stay in hotels. Guests of vacation rentals are usually not looking for luxury, which means that adding a turndown service to your vacation rentals may not have a huge effect. Additionally, maintaining a turndown service can be difficult and time consuming when you don't have a full room service staff, so be sure to consider how adding a turndown service will affect the profitability of your vacation rental.

Advantages of turndown service

Providing turndown service for guests can bring a range of benefits to both your business and your guests. In addition, turndown service is optional and guests can opt out by placing a Do not Disturb card on the door. Those who use your turndown service will find many useful advantages. Here are some common advantages that guests using turndown service may enjoy:


Convenience - Guests will find your location a convenient place to stay, as turndown service can handle some of their nighttime chores.

Luxury - Turndown service is often considered a luxury, so adding a turndown service to your business can make your venue look even more luxurious.

Comfort - Clean towels, clean rooms and amenities make guests feel more comfortable and refreshed at your location.

Awareness - Facilities such as leaving menus or brochures for other hotel services can increase awareness and attract guests to try all your products.

Turndown service concept

Many hotels leave behind unique amenities when turndown service ends. These amenities are given to guests as small gifts designed to enhance their mood and overall enjoyment of your location. These facilities let guests know that you are thinking of them and are willing to go to great lengths to provide excellent service. Here are some of the most common turndown service concepts adopted by hotels and resorts:


Menus and brochures - advertise the services and food your establishment offers to encourage guests to try.

Mints and candies - Small items such as mints and candies can be placed on the pillow to give guests a sweet surprise.

Personalised Note - Let your guests know you care by leaving a letter/note detailing what they can expect during their stay at your residence and where to turn for help if they need anything.

Toiletries - A variety of take-home toiletries such as shampoo, soap and conditioner are provided so guests can take a part of the hotel home with them.

What is a turndown waiter?

A turndown attendant is a staff member who specializes in providing turndown service in the room. The duties of a turndown attendant include performing daily housekeeping tasks, changing towels and distributing amenities. Knowledge or experience in housekeeping is recommended when hiring a turndown attendant. Good communication skills and the ability to work unsupervised are also good qualities for a turndown attendant. These qualities enable the staff to clean the room independently and interact with guests in a positive way when necessary.

Turndown service and housekeeping service

Turndown service and housekeeping are often used interchangeably, but they don't always refer to the same thing. Turndown service refers to the act of preparing a room for a guest in the evening while the guest is enjoying dinner or other evening activities. Housekeeping is a catch-all term that includes not only turndown service but also other aspects such as laundry and preparing rooms for customers who have just checked in. Unlike turndown services, other housekeeping activities take place throughout the day, not just at night.


Implementing turndown service in your business is a great way to add an element of luxury to your guests. After using the turndown service, it can bring them a high level of comfort and provide them with everything they need to end their day happy. Whether you're running a luxury hotel or a vacation rental business, adding turndown service may be what you need to turn your hotel into a luxury venue.

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