What kind and function of mulch film

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There are many kinds of mulch, different mulch have different roles, so what kinds of common mulch and its role?

1, colorless transparent film:

this is a polyethylene transparent film applied in the production. Covering this film, the soil warming effect is good, and the surface temperature can generally be increased by 2-4°C.

2, black film:

Black film is made of 2%-3% carbon black in polyethyl resin. The transmittance of this large light is small, and the heat is not easy to pass to the soil, so the property of the water-resistant base is colorless and transparent, and can be significantly
Grass grows.

3, green film:

green film can significantly inhibit the growth of weeds, but green dye has a certain destructive effect on the film, shortening the service life of the film.

4, black and white double mask:

In order to overcome the shortcomings of black, researchers have developed a black and white double mask, one side is milk color, the other side is black, the milky side up when the cover card, can reflect the light to reduce the temperature, black 1 down, used to inhibit the growth of weeds.

5, herbicide film:

This is a kind of bead film made of trees containing herbicides, killing model has been widely used in Japan, covering this barrier to improve the ground temperature 2-5C, the killing effect of this is obvious, after 1 month of mulching, the investigation of the growth situation is: not covered with herbicide mulching film ground, there are 415 weeds per square, and covered with herbicide mulching film ground, There are only 31 weeds per square meter.

6, insect protection film:

Japan has successfully developed a film for the prevention of strawberry, vegetable pests and diseases, this thin mold in manufacturing, without adding any pesticide components, this way to pass or black film as the base, along the long direction evenly arranged silver bars. It is designed to take advantage of insects' strong response to color. Because the silver has a stimulating use of vegetables, so that the problem does not fly to the strawberry field, so you can pre-prevent the bug strawberry virus disease. In addition to good insects, this membrane also has a preventive effect on other harms. This film with silver bars has the same effect as ordinary transparent or black mulch on raising the ground and suppressing weeds.

7, blue film:

This film is characterized by: heat preservation. Under the condition of light, the light rate is higher than that of the film, under the condition of light, the light rate is higher than that of the film, which is used for water breeding, with more seedlings, roots and high seedling rate. It is used in vegetables, peanuts and strawberries and other crops, and has obvious effects on increasing production and improving quality.

8, silver gray membrane:

This membrane has the effect of reflecting ultraviolet light to avoid insects. It has a positive effect on the prevention and control of the virus transmitted by the good migration, as well as the role of maintaining water and weeding, and its effect on the soil temperature is between the transparent film and the black film, which is mainly suitable for disease prevention and heat resistance cultivation in spring or summer

9, red film :

American agricultural researchers have studied the effect of color on grass and nightshade and other crops, and found that red ground is more exciting than black mulch to crop growth, and things will use more energy to carry out partial photosynthesis.

10, infrared film:

This film is developed by Japan. Adding infrared transmittance additives to polyethylene resin can make the film pass more infrared, and the warming effect can be increased by about 20%.

11, photodegradation film:

This film will be used to a certain period of time will be self-crushing, dissolved with the soil, can avoid waste film pollution to the soil.