Why can PBAT be used as a raw material for biodegradable garbage bags?

Release time:2023-10-08 Number of views: 122

With the craze of biodegradable garbage bags, everyone has begun to pay attention to it, also began to slowly to understand it, some people may think that biodegradable garbage bags are through the garbage bags can be used to load all kinds of garbage, or there is also a part of the people have a deeper understanding of it, know that the raw material of the biodegradable bit of garbage bags is produced by the PBAT. But what exactly is this PBAT? Why can it be used as the raw material of biodegradable garbage bags?
First of all, let's talk about what is PBAT, it is a kind of petrochemical biodegradable plastic, PBAT is one of the most active biodegradable materials in biodegradable plastics research, and it is commonly used in the market.
Next is the basic work about PBAT degradable material, PBAT is a semi-crystalline polymer. The crystallization temperature is about 110c, the melting point is about 130, the density is 1.18 /m - 1.3 /m crystallinity is about 30%, Shore hardness is more than 85.
In addition to this, is what is the main application of PBAT? The biodegradation technology can be implemented through the certificate material for composting, and then in the reduction of white pollution has also played a crucial role. In the face of the need to protect the natural environment, the use of PBAT raw materials produced by biodegradable garbage bags or plastic is more important.
Finally, under the environmental protection policy, biodegradable plastics such as PLA and polystyrene can not only be used to make biodegradable garbage bags but also be used for secondary furniture packaging and other fields. New opportunities for market development are coming as polystyrene is the main biodegradable material. Therefore, the use of PBAT for the production of biodegradable garbage bags is the most suitable....