Why is the market outlook for biodegradable bags so optimistic?

Release time:2023-10-13 Number of views: 109

Why is the market outlook for biodegradable bags so optimistic? Because after the promulgation of the most stringent plastic restrictions, many businesses are required not to use disposable plastic bags, disposable straws and so on. The limited use of plastic products not only makes the daily consumption habits of businesses and consumers need to change, but also brings a lot of inconvenience. In addition, the plastic restriction order also recommends the use of environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials instead of production. The document not only points to the general direction of plastic being replaced by biodegradable materials, but also shows a strong push for environmental protection.

However, the emergence of biodegradable materials is undoubtedly the savior of this plastic restriction order. Many disposable plastic products will be strictly prohibited to use, because disposable plastic not only can not be buried degradation of soil, but also pollute the land, and its weathering into debris is difficult to effectively degrade, once into the ocean, it will harm Marine environmental life, and finally human fishing, the end of the food chain is human, the victim or ourselves. Biodegradable materials can not only be degraded by soil in just a few months, but also have no harm to soil and water quality. More importantly, biodegradable materials are mainly used to replace traditional plastic composites and production products, which have very good performance in terms of performance and are not lower than the high temperature resistance and high strength of plastic products.

In addition, the biodegradable bag is not only biocompatible, the degradation rate is fast, the product after degradation is harmless, and the mechanical strength and tensile strength are relatively high. At present, the production of biodegradable bags is large, and the demand for biodegradable materials is also large. With the continuous development of science and technology, batch and mass production will soon be realized. Plastic bags are gradually invisible in people's lives, packaging and takeout are gradually replaced by biodegradable bags, and consumers do not need to change their consumption habits and ways. Biodegradable bags will be used in all aspects of People's Daily life in the future.