Winter shed to adjust the light should pay attention to a few points

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Many greenhouses grow vegetables in winter. The light in the greenhouse is very important for vegetables, so what should we pay attention to when adjusting the light in the winter shed?

First, the reasonable setting of winter warming greenhouses to determine the reasonable orientation of the greenhouses to improve the lighting and thermal insulation performance. The orientation of the single-slope greenhouses and the sun bed is better to sit north and south, so as to receive the amount of daylight in winter. The arch shed is mainly delayed in early spring and autumn, and it is appropriate to extend the north and south. Try to increase the slope of the lighting surface, because the greater the Angle, the more sunlight in winter, the better the lighting conditions in the facility. In order to reduce the shading area in the facility and improve the lighting conditions, it is advisable to use the hanging beam and davit structure in the shed.
Second, the quality of the transparent covering of the selection of high-quality greenhouse film protection facilities directly affects the light intensity and light quality of the transmission, so it is necessary to choose high-quality shed film. At present, PVC film is used in greenhouses, the advantage of this film is good insulation, but PVC film is easy to adhere to dust and reduce light transmission; The visible light transmittance of PVC long-life film is 88%, the ultraviolet light rate is 20%, the infrared light rate is 72%, and the reflectivity loss is small, the heat preservation is good, the aging resistance is easy to stick, and the temperature is 2-4 ℃ higher than that of the drop film, so it is now vigorously promoted and applied.

Third, take a variety of measures to increase the light in the shed in the winter warm greenhouse north wall or gable inside the white, can increase the reflectivity; Cover the floor of the shed with white film when planting; Hanging reflective film on the three walls can increase the light intensity of the lower part of the plant and the back of the shed, increase the indoor temperature and ground temperature, improve the photosynthetic capacity of the plant and increase the yield. It should be noted that the reflective film should be smooth, and the time of hanging should be after 10 o 'clock in the morning and before 3 o 'clock in the afternoon, so that the light in the shed can be used.
Fourth, light quality control can control the light quality of covering such as color film, adjust the light proportion of the wavelength area of light to control the growth of crops, special light to crops, stimulate the internal organization of crops, to speed up the growth of crops, regulate, control the environment, to avoid weeds and pests, so as to achieve increased production and efficiency.