Xu Yongxin, chairman of Hebi Investment Group Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd. visited Henan Techuang

Release time:2023-12-18 Number of views: 125

On the afternoon of December 18, Xu Yongxin, chairman of Hebi Investment Group Equity Investment Management Co., LTD., Feng Yujia, general manager, Zhao Zhixiang, deputy general manager, visited Henan Special Chuang Biotechnology Co., LTD. Hou Hongbin, director of the Management Committee of Xunxian Advanced Manufacturing Development Zone, Gong Jinchun, deputy general manager of Henan Bedi Group, general manager of Henan Special Chuang Biotechnology Co., LTD., and Feng Guowu, deputy general manager of Henan Bedi Group, accompanied the visit.

In Henan Techuang Biodegradable Industrial Park, Xu Yongxin and his party visited the exhibition hall and research and development center of biodegradable products, from raw material modification granulization, film blowing, printing, and then to the company's production of film bags, disposable tableware, agriculture, textile and clothing, medical and health and other five fields, eight series of products, showing the wide application field of biodegradable plastics.

As well as the rich product range of Tetron biology. In the biodegradable materials production workshop, Xu Yongxin visited the modern production line, learned about the production process and flow of biodegradable materials in detail, and also experienced the tensile strength and other properties of fully biodegradable express bags on site.

Wang Jinchun, deputy general manager of Bedi Group and general manager of Special Creation Biology, introduced the development history, production and operation of special creation company and the innovation advantages and core competitiveness of special creation biodegradable products to Chairman Xu Yongxin. Wang Jinchun introduced that Henan Special Creation Biology began to develop biodegradable materials and products with Leipzig - Halle Research Center in Germany in 2017. Invest in the construction of the plant in 2020, and plan the construction of a degradable industrial park in 2022 with the support of the Xunxian County Party Committee and the county government.

In July this year, part of the workshop of the first phase of the project was completed, and equipment installation and commissioning began. The mode of construction and production was adopted to seize market opportunities and actively explore the market. Now it has become a strategic partner of China Post, Jingdong, SF-Express, Dennis, RT-Mart, Meituan, Vipshop and other leading enterprises in the industry, and its products are also exported to more than 30 countries and regions. The company has shown a momentum of development of production and sales, and has become a leader in the biodegradable materials industry in Henan Province and even the whole country.

At the subsequent symposium, the two sides discussed and exchanged views on how to deepen cooperation in the field of biosynthesis, achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results.