How to extend the life of mulch

Release time:2023-10-18 Number of views: 175

Crops are covered with mulch. But some of the life of the film is very short, need to extend the service life. Then how to extend the service life of the film?

1, prevent external damage. This is an important factor that affects the service life of the film. For example, in the installation of the film is not pulled tight, when the wind comes, the film will bulge and constantly and quickly beat the skeleton, resulting in damage to the film; aging bamboo poles in the break is easy to scratch the film. Therefore, in the daily management must pay attention to these details.

2, avoid high temperature. In hot weather, the agro-film is easy to aging rupture, especially the part of the agro-film in contact with the skeleton, easy to form a hot spot, the temperature can reach 80 ℃, this part of the agro-film is particularly easy to aging breakage. Vegetable farmers can use white plastic tape tied to the skeleton and membrane contact place, to avoid damage to the agricultural film by high temperature.

3, anti-pesticide corrosion. Pesticides will affect the service life of the film, especially containing sulfur or chlorine components of insecticides, fungicides will destroy the stability of the film. Vegetable farmers must be careful when spraying on the back of vegetable leaves.