Precautions in the use of biodegradable agricultural land film

Release time:2023-10-18 Number of views: 166

Biodegradable agricultural film is a new type of agricultural film produced to meet the needs of the society for environmental protection, the main raw material is dissolution of the masterbatch and plastic particles and masterbatch mixing production and manufacturing. Dissolution is achieved by using microbial strains in nature to corrode the agricultural film or by using the sunlight to oxidize it. However, this new type of agricultural film is still not able to completely degrade plastic, but merely depolymerizes large pieces of agricultural film into plastic particles, which remain in the soil layer and are more difficult to remove.

The use of biodegradable agricultural films effectively controls the temperature and humidity of the soil layer, reduces water and nutrient loss, and promotes high and stable crop yields, which in turn increases the efficiency of agricultural production. But in addition, because of the one-time use of agricultural film, there is a large amount of residual film left in the soil layer every year. Plastic agricultural films are difficult to dissolve in nature.

These fragments of agricultural film can create a barrier layer in the soil layer, blocking the flow of water, gas and fertilizer in the soil layer, leading to soil structure crusting, which is a serious threat to the ecological environment and leads to white trash. Therefore, to deal with the problem of residual film contamination of the soil layer has become the top priority of mulching cultivation technology, in order to deal with this problem, the study of biodegradable agricultural mulch film came into being at the right time.