There are a few precautions for the use of silver and black mulch

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There are many, many different types of silver and black mulch. Different colors of mulch have different functions, so what are the functions of silver black mulch?
First, the applicable crops:

Melon: watermelon, melon, melon, banana, strawberry, etc.; Vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, leafy vegetables, etc.; Flowers and trees: chrysanthemums, carnations and so on.

Second, the role of: silver:

1, add fluorescent agent, radiation agent can increase the function of mulch.

2、Promote the reflection of the ground film, so that insects (such as aphids, thrips stirrups on the ground insects) do not dare to approach;

3、Reflection to promote fruit fruit color uniformity;

4, temperature increase and drainage effect (spring for increasing soil temperature, promote root development, early harvest, summer and fall can effectively reduce soil temperature).

Black color:

1、Prevent weeds, save weeding costs.

2、Prevent soil erosion, maintain sudden loosening, and promote root development;

3、Water retention and fertilizer retention, reduce irrigation costs, save fertilizer dosage;

4、Maintain proper soil humidity, avoid plant disease and rot.

Third, the use of methods:

1, open furrow room organic fertilizer, moderate wet soil;

2, cover with silver side up and black side down;

3, Dimo should be fixed and pressed firmly after covering, to prevent wind blowing;

4, according to the required size of the hole, the hole object is too large;

5, every cultivation should be cleaned up after the end of the film, do not plow into the soil.